How To Brew Perfect Pour-Over Filter Coffee at Home

FilterThumb2 - pour-over

  Follow along with Griffin as he brings you through the steps, concepts, and good habits that will help you make delicious pour-over coffee at home. From pre-wetting the filter to swirling the slurry it’s the little aspects of filter brewing that make the best cup. Handmade filter coffee or ‘pour over’ is an accessible and inexpensive method of brewing coffee that has been used for centuries. […]

How to grind coffee at home for a perfect cup

Hand-drawn coffee bean grinders

Brewing coffee at home is an intimate and personal experience. Every step in the process is personalized to our exact preferences. From choosing the perfect beans to the precise brewing time, we take careful consideration in our coffee ritual. But the one step that is often carelessly considered is the grinding process.  With any cup […]