Looking to learn the art of coffee making? Our training space is set in a private room that includes a full espresso machine with 2 group-heads, to provide our students with hands-on experience in coffee training, latte art and cupping courses. Our classes are equipped with state of the art equipment including industry-standard grinders available to demonstrate different methods of coffee grinding.

Upcoming latte art, cupping, and home barista classes

We are excited to offer latte art classes, cupping classes, and home espresso classes. Please click on each class to learn more and sign up. Looking for a corporate or private classes? Contact us.

Timbertrain Latte Art Essentials


Home Espresso Class


Cupping Class


Latte Art Classes

Our intensive latte art sessions are taught by professional baristas and covers the essentials of steaming quality milk, learning about different milk consistencies, pouring techniques and how to make classic latte art designs including the introduction of different patterns. The session will include information about presenting latte art as well as a main focus on hands-on instruction and practice with steaming milk, pouring and trying out some designs. If you want to learn to be like the pros this class is great for those with little experience with latte art but who are eager to learn.

Our cuppings are open to the public and to anyone who wants to try new coffees, develop experience in tasting coffees as well as to socialize with others interested in coffee culture. Our cuppings focus on developing dialogue and education surrounding the identification of taste notes and distinguishing coffees of different origins.


Home Brewing

Interested in exploring a new brewing method at home or wanting to how to improve your brewing skills? Our brewing class covers how to use different methods and devices for brewing including pour-overs, aeropress and more. Sign up for our Brewing class for one-on-one instruction on how to fine-tune coffee recipes for the device that you are using and have a satisfying cup of coffee every time.

Want to learn about the basics of espresso? This class covers the essentials that you need to navigate your way around using coffee grinders and tuning up coffee to taste. The class offers information on how to distinguish proper coffee extraction, identity desirable taste notes, as well as the technicalities and methodologies behind dialing in espresso. Learn the skills to correctly prepare espresso at home like a pro by taking our Home Espresso 101 class.

Home Espresso 101