How to Make an Award Winning Coffee with an Aeropress !

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In this video, Griffin walks us through 3 different award winning Aeropress recipes! The World Aeropress Championship usually happens once a year in different parts of the world. Competitors are solely judged on how well they’re able to brew their coffee on an Aeropress using whichever recipes they create. The Aeropress is a great entry-level […]

How To Brew Coffee on an Origami Dripper! (Review of the Origami Dripper)

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Our review of the Origami Dripper! Griffin walks us through on how to brew a pour over on the beautiful Origami Dripper! This video focuses on what to expect from your brewing experience with this aesthetically pleasing coffee brewing device and what to look out for when brewing your cup of coffee. The Origami Dripper […]

How to Store Coffee Beans?

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The Question that can make or break your coffee drinking experience: How do you Store Coffee Beans? Imagine: you open the coffee beans that you haven’t brewed since last month, excited to explore their tasting notes once again. You brew the coffee, pour it into your cup, take that long awaited sip and… stale. Your […]

Fellow Ode Grinder Review – Best Home Coffee Grinder Ever?

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Is the Fellow Ode the best home coffee grinder ever?? Find out in this video on what our review of the Fellow Ode is and how it compares to industrial grinders such as the EK 43 grinder that we use at Timbertrain! Griffin walks us through all of the features of the Fellow Ode including […]

How to: Coffee Cupping at Home for beginners. Tasting Coffee At Home.

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Do you miss going to coffee cuppings as much as we miss hosting them? Learn how to set up your own coffee cupping at home to enjoy for yourself and with your friends, family or housemates! Follow along as Griffin walks us through both how to set up a coffee cupping at home as well […]

Meet our Head Roaster, Kat! The Life of a Coffee Roaster


Meet the person who’s behind roasting the coffee at Timbertrain! Kat started at Timbertrain as a barista with an incredible curiosity for coffee that lead to their role as our Head Roaster, responsible for tasting and roasting the variety of coffees that we receive. Learn what Kat likes the most about working at Timbertrain and […]

Pre-Ground Coffee vs Whole Bean: Which Is Best?

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When it comes to brewing coffee at home, there are really only two types of coffee drinkers out there: those who use pre-ground coffee and those who use whole beans.  While pre-ground coffee offers a level of convenience, most coffee lovers will agree that using whole beans provides an entirely different and far more enjoyable […]