Myracle Kitchen Barista Mylk: How does it Compare to Other Non-Dairy Alternatives?

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Myracle Mylk: How does it Compare to Other Non-Dairy Alternatives? We’ve had Myracle Mylk on our espresso bars for just over a month now and we want to give our insights on how this mighty milk compares to other milk alternatives such as almond, oat or soy milks. Myracle Kitchen Barista Mylk is made with […]

Affogatos: How do I make one and what’s the big deal with these?

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An Affogato is a simple Italian espresso dessert that traditionally uses Vanilla Sorbet that is doused with Espresso on top. That’s it – two simple ingredients working together in a beautiful harmony. Nowadays, it is more popular to serve Affogatos with Vanilla Ice Cream and Espresso on top. Here’s the rundown on how to make […]

How To Brew Timbertrain Kenya Kagumoini

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In this video we walk you through on you to brew our Timbertrain Kenya Kagumoini AA ! The Kagumoini Washing station, established in 1993 under Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative Society, is used by many smallholder farms in Kenya’s Muranga county. Having a co-op washing station allows for a higher level of quality in the coffees processing […]

How To Brew Best Coffee Outdoors While Camping Using Variety of Methods.

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Ready for some West Coast camping? We’re heading out to the beautiful British Columbian outdoors to show you how to bring the specialty coffee experience with you on all of your adventures! We’ll be using minimal gear and brewing with our Caliber espresso on two different methods for this video. Ready campers? Let’s brew! FRENCH […]