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How to Store Coffee Beans?

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The Question that can make or break your coffee drinking experience: How do you Store Coffee Beans? Imagine: you open the coffee beans that you haven’t brewed since last month, excited to explore their tasting notes once again. You brew the coffee, pour it into your cup, take that long awaited sip and… stale. Your […]

How to: Coffee Cupping at Home for beginners. Tasting Coffee At Home.

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Do you miss going to coffee cuppings as much as we miss hosting them? Learn how to set up your own coffee cupping at home to enjoy for yourself and with your friends, family or housemates! Follow along as Griffin walks us through both how to set up a coffee cupping at home as well […]

How to Tell if Coffee Beans Are Stale

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Any coffee aficionado will tell you that much of the enjoyment and appreciation for the beverage is derived largely from the flavourful tasting notes in each cup. This, of course, is entirely dependent on a number of factors such as the harvest method, processing, roasting, the very beans themselves, and you guessed it: how the […]

A Complete Breakdown of How Coffee Is Decaffeinated

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In a previous post, we discussed how coffee obtains different flavour notes. But how exactly does one extract caffeine from the bean? While many of us enjoy the flavours of coffee, not everyone can handle the effects of caffeine found in a regular cup of coffee. Many prefer decaffeinated coffee because they want to enjoy […]

How does coffee get its flavour notes?

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Understanding the complexities of coffee flavours takes years of tastings and study. Learning how a coffee bean develops its flavour notes is the first step in that journey. Not unlike wine, developing your palate to pick out these subtle notes in your coffee is the result of intentional tasting. We believe that knowing where your […]