How to: Coffee Cupping at Home for beginners. Tasting Coffee At Home.

Do you miss going to coffee cuppings as much as we miss hosting them? Learn how to set up your own coffee cupping at home to enjoy for yourself and with your friends, family or housemates!

Follow along as Griffin walks us through both how to set up a coffee cupping at home as well as how to determine tasting notes in coffee and more.

In this video, we look at cupping three different coffees and the steps covered from dosing and grinding the coffee, to pouring the hot water, breaking the crust and so forth. Lastly, Griffin walks us through on how to slurp the coffee to fully cover your palate and taste the flavour notes of each coffee.

Be sure to comment below on how you found your at home cupping experience to be and the flavours you uncovered!

Materials Used in this Video:

Cupping Cups/Bowls (6 – 8 ounces)
Bonivita Gooseneck kettle
2 Spoons – on the larger side
2 Glasses for cleaning spoons
Acaia Pearl Digital Scale
Fellow Ode Brew Grinder