How to Store Coffee Beans?

The Question that can make or break your coffee drinking experience: How do you Store Coffee Beans?

Imagine: you open the coffee beans that you haven’t brewed since last month, excited to explore their tasting notes once again. You brew the coffee, pour it into your cup, take that long awaited sip and… stale. Your coffee tastes lifeless and without those beautifully accented flavour notes lingering across your palate.

To avoid such a tragic coffee drinking experience, it really makes you wonder: How do you properly store coffee beans?

Air-Tight, Low Light – Heat & Moisture Free.

Coffee goes from a green bean to being roasted to its preferred roast. The coffee is then packaged and distributed and picked up by you to brew at home. Depending on when you open the beans, their roast date and how they are stored can really impact your coffee tasting experience as well as the condition of the beans.

Coffee is best stored in an opaque, air-tight container kept in a cupboard or somewhere with no light at room temperature. In order to keep the flavours of your coffee intact, it’s also important to keep your beans safe from air, heat, moisture and light.

Frequency: Less Can be More – Have you thought about a coffee subscription?

When buying beans, consider how often you will be brewing coffee – sometimes buying smaller quantities of coffee beans will leave you with fresher coffee than buying one large quantity at once if you are just brewing for yourself. A coffee subscription box is a great way to always have a steady flow of fresh coffee delivered on your schedule.

Follow these tips to keep those beans fresh and to have every cup you brew be full of amazing tasting notes.