How To Brew Coffee on an Origami Dripper! (Review of the Origami Dripper)

Our review of the Origami Dripper!

Griffin walks us through on how to brew a pour over on the beautiful Origami Dripper!

This video focuses on what to expect from your brewing experience with this aesthetically pleasing coffee brewing device and what to look out for when brewing your cup of coffee.

The Origami Dripper works with cone or flat shaped filters, making for not only a simple coffee brewing device but also a versatile one! The angle of the dripper is also similar to that of a Hario V60 Dripper, making for an easy transition between the two.

The Origami dripper does require an additional base for it to rest on a pitcher or cup, which comes in wood or plastic options.

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Simple Recipe that we used for this video:

1 Bloom, 1 Pour

– 20g of coffee with one bloom
– 320g water

Materials Used:

-Origami Dripper


– Timbertrain Coffee Beans

– Origami Dripper Base

ORIGAMI Dripper Holder

– Glass Server

Kalita Wave Glass Server (500ml)

– Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita 1.0L Electric Gooseneck Kettle