How To Brew Timbertrain Kenya Kagumoini

In this video we walk you through on you to brew our Timbertrain Kenya Kagumoini AA !

The Kagumoini Washing station, established in 1993 under Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative Society, is used by many smallholder farms in Kenya’s Muranga county. Having a co-op washing station allows for a higher level of quality in the coffees processing as well as consistency across smallholder farms. The landscape of fertile volcanic soil and freshwater streams creates a particular terroir that makes a cup that is unique to this region.


– Fold filter on perforation, place in V60, give it a wash, pour out water
– Place in 20g of coffee, tare scale
– Bloom – 50g for 40 seconds. Agitate where bubbles arise.
– Pour until 120g
– At 1min 15 seconds, pour until 320g
– Draw Down Time: 2min 45seconds – 3min


– Hario V60
– Gram Scale
– 20g coffee, ground medium-fine
– Stir Spoon
– 320g of 98C water

We’ve found that this coffee cups with notes of Blackcurrant, Pomegranate, and Muscovado Sugar.
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