Iced, Iced, Drinks! Our Guide on Some Classic yet Incredibly Easy Cold Coffee Drinks that You can Make at Home.

So the temperature has gone up and your usual long black or cappuccino order may be a bit distant in terms of cooling you down – not to fear! Here’s some classic cold coffee drinks that you can indulge in all summer long and make at home.

But First – The Espresso! Let’s Talk About Dialling in.

Before we jump into making these simple yet all around loved iced drinks, we have to talk about the quality of the coffee that you’re putting in them.

With a drink like coffee, the flavour notes can be endlessly dissected and enjoyed so you want to make sure that the espresso that you’re pulling is made to top-notch standards, especially when you’re drinking espresso on its own or in a drink that only has one other ingredient.

When pulling espresso shots at home, you have to first know how to dial in the coffee. Dialling in coffee is a detailed process that requires some trial and error but is also very helpful in developing your coffee tasting abilities. It’s helpful to first start at a base point and then alter it for each coffee that you try. A good base point that we found helpful for dialing in espresso is using 18g of coffee with a 36g yield in 25-35 seconds. You would then adjust accordingly to your taste and understand under-extracted flavours (such as sourness, saltiness, or hollowness) or over-extracted flavours (taste of papery, mouth-drying feeling, bitterness, etc.). After adjusting your grind and several taste-tests later, you should have yourself the ideal shot of espresso for your iced drinks.

Watch our How to Dial in Espresso at Home Youtube video to tune up your espresso skills and see the full walk through on how to dial in before jumping into making these drinks!

Now let’s get to making those drinks….

Iced Americano

A simple classic that doesn’t disappoint. Making an iced americano requires two ingredients: Water & Espresso.

Fill up your glass with cold water & ice and top off with espresso. Add in sugar or milk if preferred.

Espresso Tonic

A not-so-distant relative of the Iced Americano, an Espresso Tonic says it all in the name!

Fill up a glass with some cold tonic (we like to use Fever Tree Tonic), add ice and top up with a shot of our Caliber or Assembly espresso. This’ll be a much more textured version of the Iced Americano but nonetheless another classic iced espresso beverage.

Iced Latte

An iced espresso on top of milk (yes, it can be oat milk, soy milk, almond milk or dairy milk – whatever your milk preferences desire!)

How to make an iced latte: You guessed it. Add espresso to a cold glass of your milk of choice and ice!

Change it up and see the difference in taste when using our Caliber, Gumdrop or Assembly espresso.

Cooled Down and Caffeinated

These are just a few of the incredibly simple iced coffee drinks that you can make at home or order at Timbertrain. Be sure to check out our Nitro Cold Brew at our Gastown location as well for a level up to you cold coffee drinking game!