What is a Nitro Cold Brew?

What’s Truly Cool About Our Silky Smooth Nitro Cold Brew?

The correlation is like no other: the days are warmer and our need for cold drinks is getting greater.

Sounds like a great way to get your caffeine in while enjoying an irresistibly smooth drink – The Nitro Cold Brew! Brewed for over 24 hours, this cold brew is then infused with Nitrogen and served on tap in a chilled glass for you to enjoy.

What’s so Special About the “Nitro” ?

Imagine drinking a carbonated drink like sparkling water. Now imagine the complete opposite. That’s where Nitro Cold Brew sits.

When infused, the Nitrogen bubbles are much smaller than Carbon Dioxide bubbles, creating a very velvety and smooth texture to the drink rather than a sharp texture that you may experience with carbonated drinks such as an Espresso Tonic.

Once poured from our taps, the cold brew in your glass is a frothy, milky and rich beverage made only using coffee! You may mistake this cold glass for a pint of Guinness Beer but don’t be fooled – it’s only a glass of some of the finest Cold Brew that you’ll ever taste!

Where do I try this tasty Drink?!

Timbertrain Nitro Cold Brew is currently available on tap at our Gastown location. We were one of the first specialty coffee roasters to bring Nitro Cold Brew to Vancouver and are proud to stand by it to this day.

We hope to see you sipping the velvety smooth cold stuff on our patio soon!