New Coffee Release: Ethiopia Guji Uragu

What’s New at the Roastery?

We’re always roasting coffee  – whether that is a new coffee or one that we haven’t had on the menu in a while. This time this is an Ethiopia Guji Uraga!


Ethiopia Guji Uraga

Country : Ethiopia
Region : Guji
Farm: Small Holders
Washing Station: Muda Tatesa
Variety: Landraces (90% Bourbon, 10% Typica)
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2,160
Tasting notes:
Weight : 300G/2LB/5LB


What’s Good About this Guji?

Guji’s Uraga region lies in a dense mountainous forest at some of the most extreme altitudes of Ethiopia. Coffee grown at these altitudes is some of the most sought after in all of Ethiopia as it offers a unique taste experience. Coffee from Uraga is ripe and fresh, presenting a bright, complex acidity with notes of lime and bergamot, with notes of stone fruit like fresh peach. The coffee has been fully washed to give a clean taste and showcase the flavours of the growing region. This coffee is deliciously fruity with a ton of florality.


Brew this coffee on a Hario V60, ORIGAMI Dripper, Kalita Wave or any brewing method you choose! Ideally, this coffee has been roasted for a drip-brewing method rather than espresso. Check out our new Vista espresso if you’re looking to brew something on the fast bar. Be sure to also look at our home brewing videos on our Youtube channel and subscribe to catch any new upcoming ones!


Our Roastery

All of our beans are roasted locally at Depot, located in East Vancouver’s Grandview Woodland neighbourhood. We roast on most weekdays and make the most of our production space with a small roasting crew! Depot also has a small cafe front and is the main hub for all of our online orders, packaging, and the behind-the-scenes that involve getting coffee from the producers, roasted, and over to your cup!


Where can I get my Hands on some Beans?

Apart from stopping by at Depot or Timbertrain Gastown, you can grab yourself some Ethiopia Guji Uraga beans online at from the comfort of your home. While you’re there, check out our coffee subscription program for a constant supply of coffee delivered right to your door. 


Purchase Ethiopia Guji Uragu here