Myracle Kitchen Barista Mylk: How does it Compare to Other Non-Dairy Alternatives?

Myracle Mylk: How does it Compare to Other Non-Dairy Alternatives?

We’ve had Myracle Mylk on our espresso bars for just over a month now and we want to give our insights on how this mighty milk compares to other milk alternatives such as almond, oat or soy milks.

Myracle Kitchen Barista Mylk is made with no dairy, soy, or cane sugar and has no carrageenan or thickeners.

Are You sure it’s Not Milk? The Creaminess Level is Top Notch!

We’ve found that the level of creaminess in Myracle Mylk is definitely more noticeable than that of Almond or Soy milk and creates a very pleasant layer of depth to the drink.

Myracle Mylk uses coconut cream for that smooth creaminess that we find in every sip. This is also met with Oats for that similar smoothness that we find in just plain oat milk. This mixture of ingredients often found in individual alternative milks (coconut milk, oat milk, etc.) creates the perfect medley of characteristics to create a close-to-dairy drinking experience, at least the closest that we’ve tasted!


Getting Technical: Steaming Myracle Mylk

This stuff wasn’t made with James Hoffman, the world renowned coffee genius himself, for it not to steam to a silky smooth consistency!

We’ve found that Myracle Mylk produces a similar micro foam to that of dairy milk, not the same but the closest that we’ve seen done with an alternative milk. Similar to steaming oat milk, Myracle Mylk has the potential to create a well-integrated micro foam that has latte art potential when steamed properly. We’ve found that this milk doesn’t make chunky or separated foam as much as Soy or Almond milk may create.


The Verdict

Myracle Mylk is truly a step forward in specialty alternative milks! This milk was created with baristas and cafes in mind and is designed to be a barista’s companion rather than a challenge in terms of steaming.

Myracle Mylk doesn’t replicate the taste of dairy milk, nor does it entirely replicate its properties but we also don’t think that this is the point. This alternative milk takes the beneficial properties of various milk alternatives and creates something that can be paired with coffee at the same ease that the classic go-to cow milk has.

Try some for yourself with your coffee today or buy a carton to try at home at one of our locations or at !