How to Brew our Brazil Daterra Guara

We’re excited to share our recipe for this Brazil Daterra Guara with you!

Though Brazil is the highest coffee producing country in the world, very little of the coffee produced is “specialty grade.” Daterra focuses on creating this specialty grade coffee to showcase the unique terroir that Brazil can offer. The Anaerobic Guara is part of what is named the “Masterpiece Collection.” This is the highest title and is reserved for only the highest quality and most unique nano-lots of coffees produced on the farm, and we’re looking forward to share it with you.

Handpicked whole coffee cherries are placed into a sealed tank and left to ferment. A one way valve is placed on the tank blocking any oxygen from entering, as the coffee ferments it begins to release CO2 which forces out all of the oxygen from the tank. This soon creates an anaerobic environment inside the tank, providing ideal conditions for microorganisms to create enzymatic reactions inside of the beans, providing us with a unique flavour profile. After the fermentation, the coffee is then taken as whole cherris to dry on raised beds.


Hario V60 Brewer
15g medium – fine ground coffee
Stirring Device (spoon or chopstick)
Kettle with water at 97 degrees Celsius

– Rinse filter with hot water
– Dose coffee and place into filter
– Shake brewer flat & tare scale
– Pour water, 40g bloom for 30 seconds
– Stir / agitate coffee grinds
– At 30 seconds, pour until 100g (heavy pour in the centre)
– At 50 seconds, start a spiral pour until 180grams
– At 1 minute 20 seconds pour until 260 grams
– Swirl the brewer for even draining
– Total brew time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds

We’ve found that this coffee cups with notes of peach, ripe cherry, brown sugar molasses, and vanilla.

Enjoy! Let us know what you think of this coffee in the comments below.