How To Make Slow Drip Cold Brew on Aeropress


In this video, Griffin walks us through on how to make slow drip cold brew on an Aeropress!

This process requires a bit of DIY to use with your Aeropress and produces a cold brew that is more acidic and clear than a regular, immersion method cold brew.

This method takes 1-3 hours instead of the 12+ hours that an immersion method cold brew would take, and the coffee is brewed with a bed of coffee and water sitting in the Aeropress with drops of cold water dripping onto it from the ice + water bottle portion that you will be making.

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– Aeropress


– Plastic Bottle

– Pin

– Scissors

– Aeropress Filters

Aeropress Microfilters – Pack of 350

– Karafe

Kalita Wave Glass Server (500ml)

– Scale

American Weigh 2kg Scale with Adapter

– Timbertrain Coffee

– Ice


– Cut off bottom of water bottle to make hopper
– Poke hole in the centre of the lid
– Take out Aeropress plunger
– Pre-wet filter & put in place
– Add 38g of coffee once placed on scale
– Take another filter, cut down slightly so it can fit inside Aeropress (acts as s dispersion screen for even water distribution.)
– Dose 100g of Ice
– Tare – Add 400g of water (might not fit all at once, can come back and add more)
– Let water drip through slowly, may take 1-3 hours