How To brew our new El Mirador Hydro Honey & El Mirador Natural Acetic


In this video, Griffin walks us through on how to brew our new El Mirador Hydro Honey & El Mirador Natural Acetic and what tasting notes you can expect from these unique coffees!

Elkin Guzman is the farmer at Finca El Mirador, a 32 hectare farm near the town of Pitalito in Huila, Colombia. The majority of the farm is reserved for growing exotic coffee varieties like Catiope, Mokka, Tabi, and Geisha. While the remaining area of the farm is used to grow a Caturra variety that is used for processing experiments. This brings us to Elkin’s main focus for the farm: innovation, processing, and quality. His attention to detail has driven him to standardize workflow and processing procedures in order to ensure consistency and quality throughout the entire process. Coupled with his innovative approaches to fermentation, and Elkin’s eagerness and passion for coffee, it makes this one of the most interesting farms in Colombia. And we’re excited to share it with you.

Elkin has always been connected to the coffee industry. His family has worked in coffee for over 70 years, with 12 being specifically dedicated to researching processing. At a young age, Elkin worked as an agronomist as well as a technical advisor for farms around the region. After attending a SCA Expo presentation on fermentation and flavour, Elkin was inspired to use these insights to experiment with his own processing techniques which, after several years of experimentation, he has pioneered new processing methods such as “Hydro” and “Acetic.”


Hario V60
Bonavita Electric Gooseneck Kettle
Kalita Wave Glass Server
Acacia Pearl Digital Coffee Scale
Timbertrain El Mirador Hydro Honey Coffee
Timbertrain El Mirador Natural Acetic Coffee


Hydro Honey:

45s bloom with 60g water
At 45s: add water until 135g
At 1:20: add water until 260g
End Time: 2:30​

Natural Acetic:

45s bloom with 50g water
At 45s: add water until 105g
At 1:10: add water until 185g
At 1:45: add the water to arrive at 260g
End Time : 2:30​ – 2:45