How To Brew Our Ethiopia Hamesho Kebena Coffee on AeroPress

Our new Hamesho Kebena is a washed process coffee from Ethiopia that has had especial care taken in its drying process which gives it complexity while maintaining a clean taste.

Follow along with Griffin as he brings you through our favorite way to brew Hamesho Kebena on the Aeropress. You’ll learn tips and tricks along the way to improve your brew.

The Aeropress is a great method for brewing coffee because it’s portable and extremely forgiving. It works especially wonderfully with the Hamesho Kebena because it allows us to enhance the body while showcasing the clean taste and complexity of the coffee.

The predominant flavors are tropical fruit pineapple peach, sweet grapefruit, lime soda.

Link to Ethiopia Hamesho Kebena:…

Tools used in the video:
Aeropress & Paper Filters
Kalita 500ml Carafe
Acaia Pearl Scale
Kalita Stainless Steel Kettle 1L

Recipe used in the video:
18g of Coffee – 240g of Water at 96C – 2:00
0:00 – Add 40g of water and stir 5 times.
0:20 – Begin second of 200g of water, the poor should take about 20s. Then stir 3 times.
1:00 – Screw on lid.
1:15 – Flip Aeropress onto a carafe and begin pressing slowly, press should take 45s.
2:00 – Swirl and enjoy!

If you would like to see a more thorough breakdown of the steps in this video, have any questions, or want to try the coffee that was used, visit our website:




-Hey Guys my name is Griffin and today we are going to be brewing the Ethiopia Hamesho Kebena on Aeropress

-Hamesho Kebena is a great coffee by producer Hellenna Georgialis. This uses a very strict washing and drying process, that makes this coffee tasty and unique. It’s bright, complex and very delicious, especially on the aeropress.

What you need

-For this method we’re going to need an aeropress, some paper filters, a scale, a timer, and a kettle that’s set to 95C. And we’re using filtered water.

-For this recipe you’ll need 18g of coffee, ground medium fine about 18 clicks on the commandante, and 240g of water.


-So let’s start by pre-wetting our filter, and we’re going to be using two filters today, this helps make the coffee more crisp.

-We’re going to be using the inverted recipe so I’m going to begin with the plunger in the aeropress and the cap off. I like to put it in just so the rubber is covered.

-Now we’ll put it on our scale and tare, dose our coffee and tare again.

-We’re ready to brew, so I’ll start the timer and immediately pour 40g of water, then stir 5 times. We’ll let that sit for 20s and then pour up to 240g in steady circles.

-Next I’m going to put on the cap and squeeze out the air. Then we’ll let it sit until 1:15

-At 1:15 now we are going to flip it and start pressing, this press should take about 40s.


-If you grind too coarse, and this coffee is under-extracted, it’ll be tart like and sour like lemon, and weak with little sweetness.

-If you grind too fine, and this coffee is over-extracted, it will be dry like red wine and tart grapefruit pith.

-If you get the grind right, then this coffee really shines; it tastes like sweet lime soda, white grapefruit, with a great lingering aftertaste of peach.


Please enjoy.