TT 2LB Coffee Subscription

From: $43.20 / month

Our new 2lb subscription allows you to choose exactly how often you want your choice of 1 or 2 freshly roasted bags of coffee delivered to your home or office.

Coffee subscriptions are the easiest way for those who want to regularly enjoy our coffee at home or in the office.

Each bundle offers a different way to experience Timbertrain coffee. In our humble opinion, it’s the best coffee subscription in Canada.
We are constantly working to bring more perks and benefits to our subscribers.

Thank you for being a loyal Timbertrain subscriber.

Not seeing a subscription option that fits your needs? Contact us and we will find a solution for you.


Please note we only offer a medium grind size for the coffee grinding service.
This size is most suitable for brewing methods including auto drip, various pour-overs, and AeroPress.
Grind Sizel

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