Timbertrain Home Espresso Class

This class covers the basics of espresso – grinding 101, extraction, tasting & a small introduction to latte art.

This is an introductory class that offers you the basics in learning how to extract espresso using your home machine. This home espresso class will be held at our Port Moody / Outpost location.

The class goes through discovering the right grind for your espresso, and identifying tasting notes of espresso as well as gives you a chance to practice some latte art with the espresso that you’ve pulled. We use Breville home espresso machines to conduct our classes.

As usual with all of our classes, this is a hands-on intensive class with one-on-one training from a professional barista.

Those who attend the class will also be going home with a complimentary bag of Timbertrain coffee! ☕☕

We look forward to seeing you there! 😊

*** Our classes are non-refundable & are available on a first-come basis ***

This Home Espresso Class will be held at either Port Moody / Outpost location or the Depot location


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