Our Caliber originated from us performing a number of trials to create and calibrate a flavourful coffee that would cater to the diversity of our regular customers. Caliber has been created with the intention of delivering a fruit-forward coffee yet keeping the optimal level of caramel & butterscotch-like sweetness with a creamy mouthfeel that could be enjoyed by a variety of coffee drinkers. We confidently demonstrate the benefits of combining high-quality coffees from various origins as Caliber surely encompasses a flavorful complexity that has resulted in being one of our best-selling coffees to date. We retail this coffee in 227G/2LB/5LB/50G SAMPLER

Please note we only offer a medium grind size for the coffee grinding service.
This size is most suitable for brewing methods including auto drip, various pour-overs, and AeroPress.
Grind Sizel

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