This space-age machine, similarly to the french press, uses hand pressure to push hot water through medium coffee grounds but in a tall, cylindrical plastic tube. Using water no hotter than 200 degrees, this method produces a very clean, very defined cup of coffee. THE METHOD: A tall, cylindrical, tube with a paper filter, midway. THE SECRET: In comparison to the French press, the paper filter catches and absorbs more of the coffee’s natural oils. THE RESULT: A very clean, refined brew with defined tasting notes.


  • Aeropress
  • Gooseneck Kettle
  • Kitchen Scale
  • 18g Medium to Fine Ground Coffee Beans
  • Pre Heated Pitcher


  1. Assemble the Aeropress by inserting about 1 inch of the bottom end through the top
  2. Place the paper filter onto the plastic lid
  3. Wet the paper filter with hot water
  4. Place Aeropress on to the scale and tare to 0
  5. Place the paper filter onto the plastic cap and into the Aeropress
  6. Add 18g of medium to fine ground coffee to the paper filter
  7. Add 40g of water to coffee and allow coffee to bloom for 30 sec
  8. Slowly add the remaining 245g of water
  9. Stir 6 times with a bamboo stirrer
  10. Screw on the top
  11. Allow 2 minutes for the coffee to brew
  12. Remove Aeropress from scale and flip upside down on top of the preheated pitcher
  13. Apply pressure down through Aeropress to plunge into the cup
  14. Serve and enjoy