Sweet Thing – Limited Holiday Coffee


Our beloved Sweet Thing is back again!
After tasting many different coffee’s, this year we decided to showcase not one, but two deliciously sweet coffees that synergize to create the perfect holiday flavours for Sweet Thing! The first is a Washed process Kenya from the Nyeri Region, this coffee brings tons of sweetness with red berry and vanilla notes. The second is a Natural processed coffee from the Volcan Azul farm in West Valley, Costa Rica, this coffee adds a ton of body and dark berry sweetness.

Together the coffee’s remind us of:
Candied Cherry, Apple Pie, and Blackberry Jam

Weight: 227g

Please note we only offer a medium grind size for the coffee grinding service.
This size is most suitable for brewing methods including auto drip, various pour-overs, and AeroPress.
Grind Sizel

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