Hario V60-02 Ceramic Coffee Dripper


Coffee making at home has changed and these filters are designed for individuals who want to enjoy a solo cup in little time but don’t want to turn to brewing a full pot. Because of its ease of use and convenience for single serving option, these brewers have become one of the most popular manual brewing methods – ensuring a hot cup every time. Paired with the Hario filters, this device goes directly on top of your mug – making a 160z cup in a single serving – and ensures it only brews the coffee you need. As long as you have great coffee this method is simple to use, easy to clean and serves up hot coffee every time with zero waste. This Hario V60 is ceramic, which is much better at retaining heat, but it is also available in clear plastic (BPA-free and shatter resistant). Whichever you choose your days of enjoying, hot, freshly brewed cups of coffee are just a click away.

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