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Pre-Ground Coffee vs Whole Bean: Which Is Best?

GroundCoffee2 - pre-ground coffee vs whole bean

When it comes to brewing coffee at home, there are really only two types of coffee drinkers out there: those who use pre-ground coffee and those who use whole beans.  While pre-ground coffee offers a level of convenience, most coffee lovers will agree that using whole beans provides an entirely different and far more enjoyable […]

How to Tell if Coffee Beans Are Stale

StaleCoffee - how to tell if coffee beans are stale

Any coffee aficionado will tell you that much of the enjoyment and appreciation for the beverage is derived largely from the flavourful tasting notes in each cup. This, of course, is entirely dependent on a number of factors such as the harvest method, processing, roasting, the very beans themselves, and you guessed it: how the […]

How does coffee get its flavour notes?

coffee beans in bag - cultivating flavour

Understanding the complexities of coffee flavours takes years of tastings and study. Learning how a coffee bean develops its flavour notes is the first step in that journey. Not unlike wine, developing your palate to pick out these subtle notes in your coffee is the result of intentional tasting. We believe that knowing where your […]

How to grind coffee at home for a perfect cup

Hand-drawn coffee bean grinders

Brewing coffee at home is an intimate and personal experience. Every step in the process is personalized to our exact preferences. From choosing the perfect beans to the precise brewing time, we take careful consideration in our coffee ritual. But the one step that is often carelessly considered is the grinding process.  With any cup […]