One Year of Timbertrain

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by Chelsea Orenzo

Doubtless to say, opening up a coffeeshop in the heart of historic Gastown was a daunting idea at best. Daunting, yet exciting. Four seasons, over a hundred thousand double-espresso shots and plethora of blood, tears and hopelessly sleep-deprived nights later, we arrive at Timbertrain Coffee Roasters’ first anniversary.

With Timbertrain nestled amongst the brick buildings on West Cordova, its future was at first shrouded with uncertainty. Ambitious goals had been set, boundless visions thought of, yet a learning curve remained. There are endless avenues known to a coffee roaster that we had much to learn from, everything from technical logistics, to tasting and grading coffee, to developing an eclectic array of clientele. To this day, the learning curve still persists but if only to better ourselves and further expand our horizons.

Needless to say, it has been an incredible first year for our humble establishment and we are modestly but exhilaratingly surprised to see where we have come. We are absolutely humbled to be a coffeeshop favorite of so many endearing individuals, who we first came to know as customers over a bar and we now welcome as friends and neighbors who so wholesomely put together a vibrant and welcoming community within our booths.

We at Timbertrain Coffee Roasters would love to sincerely thank you, each and every one of you, for coming along for the ride with us thus far. From our friendly neighbors amongst the Gastown locales; to the quirky creative souls of all design and tech startups above us; to the affable guys who work in game design and software development and visual effects and architecture and event coordinating and whatever have you; to all the tourists, the travellers, the adventurers who have found their coffee away from home in us; to every single one of you who has walked through our doors and allowed us to serve you, thank you. Thank you for choosing us and letting us make your coffee, time and time again.

In light of our First Year Anniversary, we want to invite all of you to join us in celebration on Thursday, the 12th of February, during which we will be offering complimentary espressos and filter coffee from 11 AM to 1 PM – a chance for us to share the love that made Timbertrain happen!

We most certainly wouldn’t be where we stand in the specialty coffee scene of Vancouver today if not for the wonderfully loyal and loveable customers that we have the pleasure of serving each day. We look forward to the rest of Timbertrain Coffee Roasters’ journey in the promising years to come, and we are beyond excited to have each and every one of you aboard!