Coffee with Bailey Nelson.

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One of our favourite things about being located in Gastown is getting to know our neighbours, with The Bailey Nelson crew being some of our favourites. Bailey Nelson is an eyewear company founded in Australia, with their first Canadian boutique here in Gastown. We recently sat down with our friend Michael, the Director, to ask him a few questions about eyewear, and his experience so far in Canada.

Why did you get into working in eyewear?

Honestly, it was good luck more than good management. I was working as a management consultant when the opportunity came up. It seemed like an exciting company with a great product and great people so I jumped at the chance for an exciting adventure.

What sets Bailey Nelson apart? 

We provide a great product at a reasonable price. We try to create an environment where picking frames is more than a medical chore, it’s a fun experience.

How would you define Bailey Nelson’s style? 

We want our glasses to have a classic and timeless look, while remaining fashion forward.

What, in your opinion, makes a good pair of specs? 

I think there’s a perfect fit for every face. Sometimes that can be a little tricky, but we try to help customers pick out the pair that best suits them.

Why did you choose Gastown as your first Canadian location? 

Gastown immediately attracted us because of its boutiquey feel. It’s a great neighbourhood with great neighbours and lots to do.

What is your favourite spot in the city so far? 

Timbertrain…..was that the required response?

What is the weirdest “Canadian-ism” you’ve noticed? 

I don’t know about the weirdest but the best is definitely the growler – 33 acres and brass neck being a couple of favourites.

Who is your favourite all-time frame wearer? 

Definitely Albert Einstein.

Parting words on eyewear? 

Get your Bailey’s on.