TEDx loves coffee.


At 6:00am on Saturday Morning, Min and Jeff loaded the Barista Capsule into the trailer, and headed down to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for TEDx Vancouver. They were met there by Andy and Josh, who braved the early morning skytrain commute. These four guys, equipped with the barista capsule, a 2 group Linea, and a single grinder, spent the day at the conference whipping up nearly 1500 espresso based coffees.

Being the only coffee station at a 2700 person event was a little intimidating off the top, but we honestly couldn’t be happier with the outcome. With Josh chatting with attendees, taking orders, and keeping them company as they waited in a 100+ person line, Min and Andy were hard at work grinding and steaming. While all this was going on, Jeff was acting as a one man pit crew. He was busy stocking, filling, emptying, and everything else that goes along with making an operation like this run smoothly.

We can’t thank the TEDx Vancouver team enough for inviting us to be a part of this incredible event. This was our first time being part of an event of this size, and we had an amazing experience. From the always helpful volunteers, to the Incredibly gracious attendees who were willing to wait a couple extra minutes for quality coffee, We want to thank you for making our first TEDx experience a great one!

For more information on having us at your next event, shoot us an email to info@timbertrain.ca